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Couscous and Other Good Food From Morocco
Recipe List
Preserves, Breads, Savory Pastries and Soups
Preserves for the Larder  
  dot Preserved Lemons
  dot Aziza Benchekrouns' Five-Day Preserved Lemon Special
  dot Spice Blend, Ras el Hanout
  dot Amalou
  dot Herbed Smen
  dot Cooked and Salted Butter
  dot Moroccan "Yogurt" (raipe)
  dot Instant Preserved Meat
Breads, Crepes, and Savory Pastries  
  dot Moroccan Bread Flavored with Aniseed
  dot Holiday Bread
  dot Marrakesh "Pizza"
  dot Rghaif (Crepes)
  dot Miklee
  dot Almond Miklee
  dot Mtsimen
  dot Meelowi
  dot Azut Cadi
  dot Bisteeya
  dot Making Warka
  dot Bisteeya, Tetuan Style
  dot Bisteeya Filled with Almond-Flavored Rice
  dot Packets of Almond-Flavored Rice
  dot Trid
  dot Braewats Filled with Eggs, Chicken, and Lemons
  dot Tunisian Briks
  dot Moroccan Lamb and Lentil Soup I, harira
  dot Moroccan Lamb and Lentil Soup II, harira
  dot Chick-pea Soup with Lamb and Spices
  dot Caraway-Flavored Soup
  dot How to Properly Prepare Couscous
  dot Pumpkin Couscous
  dot Omar's Couscous
  dot Couscous with Seven Vegetables in the Fez Manner
  dot Couscous in the Marrakesh Manner
  dot Couscous with Dates and Seven Vegetables
  dot Couscous with Lamb's Head and Seven Vegetables
  dot Small Family Couscous
  dot Couscous from Rabat and Sale
  dot Another Couscous from Rabat and Sale
  dot Traditional Fez Couscous
  dot Tangier Couscous
  dot Berber Couscous
  dot Berber Couscous with Barley Grits
  dot Barley Grit and Fava Bean Couscous
  dot Berber Couscous with Barley Shoots
  dot Fish Couscous with Cornmeal
  dot Rabat Couscous with Acorns
  dot Large-Grain Couscous (Mhammas)
  dot Fine-Grain Couscous with Chicken or Lamb
  dot Steamed Noodles with Meat
  dot Steamed Noodles with Sugar and Cinnamon
  dot Eggplant Salad
  dot Eggplant Salad, Rabat Style
  dot Tomato and Green Pepper Salad, Fez Style
  dot Tomato and Hot Green Pepper Essaouria Style
  dot Hot Chili Relish, Rabat Style
  dot Sweet Green Pepper Relish, Fez Style
  dot Pickled Sweet Green Peppers
  dot Sliced Tomato and Onion Salad
  dot Cooked Tomatoes and Sweet Green Pepper Salad
  dot Spiced Carrot Salad
  dot Sweet Carrot Salad
  dot Grated Carrot Salad
  dot Beet Salad with Cinnamon
  dot Beet Salad with Orange Flower Water
  dot Cucumber, Wild Herbs and Black Olive Salad
  dot Mixed Wild Greens I
  dot Mixed Wild Greens II
  dot Orange, Lettuce and Walnut Salad
  dot Orange and Chopped Date Salad
  dot Orange Salad with Rosewater
  dot Orange and Radish Salad
  dot Orange and Black Olive Salad
  dot Orange and Grated Carrot Salad
  dot Spiced Brain Salad with Preserved Lemon
  dot Spiced Brain Salad with Fresh Tomato
  dot Pureed Fava Beans with Spices
Tagines and Other Main Dishes
  dot Vegetable
  dot Swiss Chard with Spices
  dot Okra and Tomatoes
  dot Eel with Raisins and Onions
  dot Fish Tagine with Tomatoes, Potatoes and Green Peppers
  dot Fish Baked with Stuffed Dates
  dot Fish Baked with Almond Paste
  dot Charmoula
  dot Tagra
  dot Shad Roe Tagine
  dot Fish Tagine with Celery in the Style of Safi
  dot Fish Stuffed with Eggs, Onions, and Preserved Lemons
  dot Baked Fish with Rice
  dot Regional Fish Specialties
Chicken, Rabbit, Turkey and Pigeon
  dot Chicken with Eggs, Lemons, and Olives
  dot Chicken with Lemons and Olives Emshemel
  dot Chicken Smothered with Green, Cracked Olives
  dot Chicken with Lemon and Olives, Makalli
  dot Chicken Kdra with Almonds and Chick-peas
  dot Chicken Kdra with Almonds and Rice
  dot Chicken Kdra with Turnips and Chick-peas
  dot Chicken Tagine with Chick-peas
  dot Chicken Simmered in Smen
  dot Chicken Cooked with Sweet Tomato Jam
  dot Chicken with Onions and Spices
  dot Chicken with Prunes, Rif-Style
  dot Roast Chicken
  dot Braised and Browned Chicken Mahammer
  dot Braised and Browned Turkey Mahammer
  dot Braised and Browned Rabbit Mahammer
  dot Braised and Browned Chicken Coated with Eggs, Djej Mefenned
  dot Steamed Chicken
  dot Stuffed Turkey
  dot Chicken Stuffed with Rice and Raisins, Marrakech Style
  dot Pigeons Stuffed with Couscous
  dot Chicken Stuffed with Almond Paste
  dot Chicken Stuffed with Eggs, Onions, and Parsley
  dot Chicken Stuffed with Kefta and Eggs
  dot Chicken Stuffed with Fresh Mint
  dot Mechoui, Roast Lamb with Cumin, Garlic and Coriander
  dot Skewered and Grilled Lamb
  dot Skewered and Grilled Liver I, Berber Style
  dot Skewered and Grilled Liver II, Berber Style
  dot Seared Lamb Kebabs Cooked in Butter
  dot Tangia
  dot Braised and Browned Lamb
  dot Braised and Browned Leg of Lamb
  dot Braised and Browned Forequarter of Lamb
  dot Steamed Lamb with Baby Onions
  dot Lamb with Almonds and Hard-Cooked Eggs, Fez Style
  dot Kefta on Skewers
  dot Meatball, Tomato and Egg Tagine
  dot Meatball Tagine with Spices and Lemon
  dot Stuffed Vegetable Tagine
  dot Lamb Tagine with Carrots and Celery
  dot Lamb Tagine with Fennel
  dot Lamb Tagine with Artichokes, Lemon and Olives
  dot Lamb Tagine with Cardoons
  dot Lamb Tagine with Baby Peas
  dot Lamb Tagine with Fava Beans
  dot Lamb Tagine with Wild Cardoons
  dot Lamb Tagine with White Truffles
  dot Tagine of Lamb with Lemon and Olives
  dot Beef Tagine with Cauliflower
  dot Beef Tagine with Sweet Potatoes
  dot Beef Stew with Chick-Peas, Sefrina
  dot Lamb Tagine with Fried Eggplant
  dot Eggplant Stuffed with Brains and Eggs
  dot Tagine of Lamb with Green Peppers and Tomatoes
  dot Tagine of Lamb with String Beans Smothered in Sweet Tomato Jam
  dot Lamb Tagine with Zucchini and Za'atar
  dot Lamb with Okra, "Roof Tile" Style
  dot Lamb Tagine Layered with Okra and Tomatoes
  dot Lamb with Quinces
  dot Tagine of Lamb with Pears or Green Apples
  dot Tagine of Lamb with Raisins and Almonds, Tiznit Style
  dot Tagine of Lamb or Beef with Prunes and Apples
  dot Tagine of Lamb with Dates
  dot Lamb Tagine with Raisins, Almonds, and Honey
  dot Tagine of Lamb, Quinces, Amber and Aga Wood
Almond Paste Confections    
  dot "The Snake"
  dot "Gazelle's Horns"
  dot Shredded Pastry with Almonds
  dot Pastry Stuffed with Almond Paste and Dipped in Honey
  dot Sesame Seed, Almond, and Honey Cone, Sfuf
  dot Zomita
  dot Sweet bisteeya with Milk and Almonds
Fried Cakes    
  dot Free-Form Honey Cake, Mahalkra or Shebbakia
  dot Fried Pastry from Sefrou
  dot Sponge Doughnuts
  dot Beghrir or Yeasted Semolina Pancakes
  dot Stamp Pastries
Moroccan Cookies    
  dot Semolina Cookies
  dot Anise-Flavored Melba Toast Rounds, Fekkas
  dot Kif Candy, Majoun
Sweet Supper dishes or Predesserts    
  dot Sweet Dessert Couscous
  dot Sweet Steamed Rice
  dot Moroccan Rice Pudding
  dot Tetuan Style Pudding
  dot Moroccan Cream of Wheat, Berber Style, Herbel
  dot Cornmeal Porridge, Assidah
  dot Apple Milk Drink
  dot Almond Milk Drink
  dot Coffee Moroccan Mint Tea
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