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Mediterranean Grains & Greens Recipe List
Greens Starters and Sides
  dot Horta Autumn Horta with Edible Chrysanthemum, Vinegar and Olive Oil (Greece)
  dot Mixed Greens with Garlic and Balsamic Vinegar (Italy)
  dot Warm Escarole with Sherry Wine Vinegar, Sherry and Pomegranates (Spain)
  dot Chiffonade of Wild and Not So Wild Edible Greens (Greece)
  dot Edible Wild Greens: A visit with Sara the goat herder "Wild" Greens with Preserved Lemons and Olives (Morocco)
  dot Samphire Salad with Tapenade Toasts (France)
  dot Garden Greens with Herbs, Cabbage and Green Olives (Cyprus)
  dot Mote Basson's Stewed Leafy Greens with Tahini (Israel)
  dot Fresh Cabbage with Tahini (Egypt)
  dot Mallow Leaves with Tunisian Spices (Tunisia)
  dot Picking Mallow Leaves Cactus Pad, Cilantro and Harissa Salad (Tunisia)
  dot Chard with Spanish Pimenton and Toasted Almonds
  dot Greens with Sultanas, Pinenuts and Sherry Vinegar (Spain)
  dot Young Mustard Greens with Pomegranate Molasses (Syria)
  dot Samira's Tabouleh with Parsley, Cinnamon and Cumin (Israel)
  dot Purslane Salad with Cucumber (Israel)
  dot Molise-Style Frittata with Asparagus (Italy)
  dot Variation: Hops Tops Frittata Alicante-Style Tortilla with Green Garlic (Spain)
  dot Leafy Greens "Scrambled" with Eggs (France)
  dot Gratin of Warm Leafy Greens, Crispy Potatoes, Smokey Paprika and Whipped Eggs (Spain)
  dot Potato Cake Stuffed with Kale (Italy)
  dot Cesare's Warm Scrambled Egg Salad (Italy)
  dot Marinated Treviso-Style Radicchio with Crumbled Eggs (Italy)
  dot Jajik Bowl
  dot Leafy Greens, Garlic, Yogurt and Red Pepper Swirls (Turkey)
  dot Variation: Crunchy Purslane and Yogurt Sauce (Turkey)
  dot Provencal Tian with Creamed Spinach (France)
  dot Tender Greens and Sheep's Milk Cheese (Greece)
  dot Leafy Greens, Cheese Crisps and Pomegranate Salad (Italy)
  dot Variation: Leafy Greens with Wavy Frico with Grilled Polenta (Italy)
  dot Watercress and Tomato Salad with Cured Tuna (Spain)
  dot Skillet Greens with Garlic and Anchovies on Grilled Bread (Italy)
  dot Shredded Red Radicchio and Smoked Fish Salad with Polenta Crostini (Italy)
  dot Stewed Greens with Small Bits of Basturma (Turkey)
  dot Dried Greens
  dot Leafy Mixed Greens Flavored with Lamb (Turkey)
  dot Provencal-Style Stuffed Cabbage (France)
  dot Escarole Stuffed with Anchovies, Capers and Pinenuts (Italy)
  dot Kayserie-Style Pan-Grilled Grape Leaves Stuffed with Basturma, Parsley and Orange (Turkey)
  dot Black-Sea Style Chard Bundles Stuffed with Veal, Toasted Corn Kernels and Fresh Mint (Turkey)
  dot Gaziantep-Style Triangles of Swiss Chard Stuffed with Green Wheat, Lamb and Pinenuts (Turkey)
  dot Spinach and Garbanzo Bean Stew with Spanish Paprika (Spain)
  dot Mustard Greens with Black-eyed Peas and Rice (Turkey)
  dot Mixed Greens with Black-eyed Peas (Greece)
  dot Sauteed Tuscan Kale with Garlicky White Beans (Italy)
  dot Arugula Smothered Bean Salad with Prosciutto (Italy)
  dot Arugula with Yard-long Beans and Walnuts (Turkey)
  dot Tiny Garbanzo Beans "Swimming" in Green Tahini Sauce (Israel)
  dot "Wild Greens" al pomodoro (Italy)
  dot Slivered Endive, Fennel and Blood Orange Salad (Italy)
  dot Pea Shoots, Tendrils and Buds with Tomato and Onion (Greece)
  dot Variation: Pea Shoots with Tomato and Egg (Turkey)
  dot Sicilian Squash Tendrils
  dot "Dragged" Greens with Potato, Garlic, Peperoncino and Rosemary (Italy)
  dot Young Turnip Shoots and Tops with Potatoes and Spanish Paprika (Spain)
  dot Green Dumplings Tossed with Diced Tomato, Toasted Walnuts and Fresh Herbs (Italy)
  dot Braised Cabbage and Sauteed Mushrooms with Glazed Onions (France)
  dot Asparagus a la parilla with Parsley and Ham Sauce (Spain)
  dot Gratin of Cardoons, Anchovies and Cheese (France)
  dot Provencal Braised Celery Hearts with Scallions (France)
  dot Artichokes Braised with Spinach and Lardons (France)
  dot Artichokes Stuffed with Ricotta (Tunisia)
  dot Mechouia (Tunisia)
  dot Madame Saucourt's Fabulous Ratatouille (France)
Grain Starters and Sides
  dot Barley and Greens with Crumbled Prosciutto (Italy)
  dot Ayfer's Kisir with Red Pepper Paste and Shredded Romaine (Turkey)
  dot "Best-Ever" Bugulama (Turkey)
  dot Variation: "Best-Ever" Bugulama with Bitter Greens (Turkey)
  dot Winter Squash Pilaf with Bulgur (Cyprus)
  dot Scallion and Bulgur Pilaf with Golden Raisin Compote (Turkey)
  dot Bulgur Pilaf with Fresh Tomatoes, Thick Yogurt and Onion "Strings" (Greece)
  dot Kofte in the Eastern Mediterranean Kitchen
  dot Summer Red Oil Kofte
  dot Walnut Kofte
  dot Bulgur with Tomatoes, Scrambled Eggs and Parsley (Turkey)
  dot Harpout Kofte with Fresh Mint and Egg Salad (Turkey)
  dot Skinned Wheatberry Pilaf with Tuna, Capers and Cherry Tomatoes (Italy)
  dot Variation:"Grano" with Skillet Mussels and Cherry Tomatoes (Italy)
  dot Rice-Stuffed Pimientos de Piquillo with Mushrooms (Spain)
  dot Rice-Stuffed Mussels with Pine Nuts and Currants (Greece)
  dot Rice and Spicy Lamb Stuffed Apricots (Turkey)
  dot Box: Rice Pilafs
  dot Rice Pilaf with Spinach, Feta and Black Olives (Greece)
  dot Rice Pilaf with Leeks and Dill (Greece)
  dot Box: Rice for Risottos
  dot Red Risotto with Radicchio and Barolo Wine (Italy)
  dot Black and White Risotto (Italy)
  dot Using the Pressure Cooker to Cook Risotto
  dot Artichoke and Spinach Risotto (Italy)
  dot Broccoli Rabe Risotto with Pork (Italy)
  dot "The Butcher's Choice" Risotto (Italy)
  dot Handkerchief Pasta with Wilted Greens and Wild Mushrooms (Italy)
  dot Pasta with Bitter Greens and Tomatoes (Italy)
  dot Radicchio Pasticcio (Italy)
  dot Lidia Bastianich's Greens-Stuffed "Gnocci" Strudel (Italy)
  dot "No-Stir" Polenta (Italy)
  dot Onion Jam for Polenta (Italy)
  dot Caramelized Cabbage and Creamy Polenta Pie (Italy)
  dot Polenta Torta
  dot Polenta Torta with "Apron Greens"  (Italy)
  dot Box: Sliced Polenta for Grilling
  dot Polenta with Caramelized Onions and Sharp Cheese (Italy)
  dot Polenta with Treviso-Style Radicchio (Italy)
  dot Polenta Dumplings served with Mushrooms, Taleggio Cheese and Sizzling Butter (Italy)
  dot Polenta in the Marches
  dot Polenta in Venice
  dot Tunisian Morning Soups
  dot Sfaxian Fish Soup with Crumbled Barley Bread (Tunisia)
  dot Black Sea Cornmeal, Greens and Mushroom Soup (Turkey)
  dot El Caldero Murciano with rice, shrimp, peppers and garlic mayonnaise (Spain)
  dot Creamy Farro and Chick Pea Soup (Italy)
  dot Farro, Leafy Greens and Potato Soup as prepared in the Marches (Italy)
  dot Medley of Wheat berries, Lentils and Rice with Fresh Herbs (Greece)
  dot Chorba with Crushed Wheat and Cilantro (Tunisia)
  dot Cretan Rustic Pasta
  dot Creamy Rustic Pasta and Red Lentil Soup with Mint and Black Pepper Swirls (Turkey)
  dot Spicy Lamb, Peppers, Tomato and Rustic Pasta Soup (Turkey)
  dot Garlic Soup with Leafy Greens (Spain)
  dot Middle Eastern Chard and Lentil Soup (Syria)
  dot Chicory, Meatball and Pecorino Soup en brodo (Italy)
  dot Summer Harira with Purslane and Spices (Morocco)
  dot Summer Sorrel and Chervil Soup (France)
  dot Tuscan Soup with Bread and Greens (Italy)
  dot Crunchy-Topped Ribollita From Sienna (Italy)
  dot Green Garlic, Leeks and Yogurt Soup with Mint and Black Pepper Swirls (Turkey)
  dot Provencal Creamy Cardoon Potage (France)
  dot Provencal Pistou with Aged Gouda (France)
  dot Chicken Stock
Main Courses
  dot Bran-Smothered Barbecued Whole Fish with Chard Stem Tahini Sauce (Egypt)
  dot Whole Grilled Fish Stuffed with Parsley, Cilantro, Seafood and Spices (Morocco)
  dot Fish Fillets with Wild Celery and Avgolemono (Greece)
  dot Middle Eastern Fish Platter with Caramelized Onion-Flavored Rice and Onion-Tahini Sauce (Lebanon)
  dot Squid Ligurian-Style Smothered in Aromatic Greens (Italy)
  dot Deep-Dish Leafy Greens and Clams with Potatoes "a la importancia" (Spain)
  dot Stravoula's Cretan Snail Stew with Fennel and Leafy Greens (Greece)
  dot Snails & How to Clean Them
  dot Chicken with Rice, Black and Green Olives (France)
  dot Toasted Bread Salad and Leafy Greens with Roast Chicken (Italy)
  dot Squab Baked with Green Wheat,Garlic and Lemon (Egypt)
  dot Steamed Lamb, Leafy Greens and Winter Vegetables (Tunisia)
  dot Tunisian Spring Lamb Stew with Fresh Favas (Tunisia)
  dot Lamb Stew Smothered with Cactus Pads (Tunisia)
  dot Black Sea Style Lamb Smothered with Nettles and Leeks (Turkey)
  dot Molokhiya with Lamb and Tomatoes (Turkish-Cyprus)
  dot Stuffed Swiss Chard on a Bed of Potatoes or Taro Root (Greek-Cyprus)
  dot Romaine Hearts Stuffed with Lamb, Tomatoes and Spices (Turkey)
  dot White Turnip Rounds Stuffed with Bulgur, Rice and Lamb with Yogurt-Garlic Sauce and Sizzling Tomato and Mint (Turkey)
  dot Tunisian-Jewish Wedding pkaila with Spiced Beef (Tunisia)
  dot Honeycomb Tripe Stew with Celery, Parsley and Sardo Cheese (Italy)
  dot Provencal "Meatloaf" with Cabbage, Artichokes, Chard, Spinach and Ground Pork (France)
  dot Tunisian Couscous Salad
  dot Fish Couscous with Pumpkin and Leafy Greens (Tunisia)
  dot Barley Couscous with Swiss Chard, Lamb and Harissa a la minute (Tunisia)
  dot Barley Couscous with Fresh Fava Beans and Buttermilk (Morocco)
  dot Berber Couscous with Vegetables (Morocco)
  dot Sardinian fregula
  dot Sicilian cuscusù
  dot Israeli Couscousou
  dot Syrian and Lebanese mograbiyah
  dot Jordanian miftool
  dot Tunisian mhammes
  dot Turkish and Greek kouskus
  dot Mosaic Rice With Lamb, Carrots, Chestnuts, Walnuts and Pistachios (Turkey)
  dot "Alexandrian Quartet" of Rice, Brown Lentils, Pan-Crisped Pasta and Browned Onions (Egypt)
  dot Aromatic Fish Stock for Fish-based Arroces (Spain)
  dot Black Rice with Mussels and Shrimps (Spain)
  dot Arroz a Banda (Spain)
  dot "Golden Rice" (Spain)
  dot Rice with Fresh Tuna and Clams (Spain)
  dot Rice with Pigs' Feet, Black Sausage and Celery (Spain)
  dot Crusty Rice with Chicken and Pork Sausages (Spain)
Breads, Pies, and Pasteries
  dot Fine and Coarse Semolina
  dot Dense Semolina Bread (Tunisia)
  dot Garlic Leavening
  dot Flaky Semolina Bread (Tunisia)
  dot Tunisian Ten-layer Bread
  dot Sardinian Flatbread (Italy)
  dot Sardinian Flatbread Baked with Cheese, Tomatoes and Eggs (Italy)
  dot Technique for "knuckling" water into dough
  dot Israeli-Yemenite Melawah with Grated Tomatoes, Zhug and Hard Cooked Eggs (Israel)
  dot Coriander, Garlic and Cardamom Sauce (zhug)
  dot Elias Canetti on Marrakech Bread
  dot Chick-pea Leavened Bread Rusks (Greece)
  dot Rusk Salad with Tomatoes, Olives and Lemon (Greece)
  dot The Monk's Pizza with Pan-Seared Cabbage (Italy)
  dot Drusian Red Pepper, Kishk and Walnut Bread (Lebanon)
  dot Freya Stark's Letters from Syria, 1942
  dot Mirsini's Spiced Barley Bread (Greece)
  dot Crumbled Spiced Barley Bread (Tunisia)
  dot Bread Baked in the Saharan Sands
  dot Spanish Flatbread with Game Sauce as Prepared in LaMancha
  dot Cornmeal Pizza as Prepared in Molise, Italy
  dot Black Sea Cornbread
  dot Stale Bread as a Starter (Turkey)
  dot Flatbread with Green Garlic Stuffing (Turkey)
  dot Breadcrumb "Paella": Sauteed Breadcrumbs with Sausages, Green Grapes and Fried Eggs (Spain)
  dot Frying Croutons
  dot Parsley, Basturma and Kasseri Borek (Turkey)
  dot Bisteeya with Seafood, Spinach and Noodles (Morocco)
  dot Cretan Scarf Pies with Wild Greens
  dot Field Greens, Rice and Pumpkin Torta (Greece and Italy)
Sweet Grains and Greens
  dot Provencal Chard, Raisins and Cheese Pie (France)
  dot Grano, Grape Must and Bitter Chocolate on Vanilla Ice Cream (Italy)
  dot Milk Pudding with Pistachios (Turkey)
  dot Wheatstarch
  dot Moroccan Semolina-Yeast Crepes with Honey (Morocco)
  dot Semolina-Pancakes Stuffed with Cheese (Lebanon)
  dot Sugar Syrup
  dot Homemade Couscous with Golden Raisins (Tunisia)
  dot Making Simple Starch Juices for Tunisian Cremes
  dot Anatolian Rice Pudding "Zerde" (Turkey)
  dot Black Sea Cornmeal Wafers Baked On Collard Greens (Turkey)
Sauses, Condiments, and Seasonings
  dot Home-Style Tomato Sauce Base
  dot Harissa a la minute (Tunisia)
  dot Yogurt-Garlic Sauce  (Turkey)
  dot Ali-oli Sauce (Spain)
  dot Tunisian Tabil
  dot Preserved Lemons (Morocco)
  dot Kittina Power's herbes de Provence (France)
  dot Spice Mixtures
  dot Home-made Pepper Paste
  dot Onion-Red Pepper Paste (hrous)
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