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The Cooking of South-West France Chapter List
A Healthy Approach to Cooking With Poultry Fats, Lard, Butter, Cream and Creme Fraiche
Chapter One: The Taste of the South-West
  dot Foie Gras
  dot Truffles
  dot Crepes
  dot Armagnac
  dot Confits/Preserved Meats and Poultry
  dot Cheeses of the South-West
  dot Walnuts from the Perigord
  dot Chestnuts and Other Products
Chapter Two: Basic Preparations: stocks, Sauce Bases, and Bread
Chapter 3: Soups, Pot-au-Feu and Garbures
Chapter 4: Salads
Chapter 5: Appetizers
  dot Cold Appetizers
  dot Hot Appetizers
Chapter 6: Light Supper Dishes
Chapter 7: Vegetables
Chapter 8: Seafood and Fish
Chapter 9: Chicken
Chapter 10: Ducks, Geese and Game Dishes
Chapter 11: Cassoulet
Chapter 12: Pork, Beef, Veal, and Lamb
Chapter 13: Desserts
  dot Skillet Desserts
  dot Covered Pies and Cakes
  dot Fruit
  dot Sorbets and Iced Desserts
  dot Preserves
  dot Pastry Preparations Using Food Processor
A Few Words About the Local Wines
Notes on Ingredients
Notes on Equipment
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